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Скачать торрент Exhibitionist Wife #167 / Жена-эксгибиционистка №167 (VoyeurChamp.com/Clips4sale.com) [2015 г., Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Hidden Camera, SiteRip]

Exhibitionist Wife #167 / Жена-эксгибиционистка №167

Год производства: 2015 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Hidden Camera
Продолжительность: ~40 min.

Студия: VoyeurChamp.com/Clips4sale.com

В ролях: Heather & Jennifer


Exhibitionist Wife #167 (Part 1) - Heather & Hubby Take Big Tit Blonde Jennifer To The Nude Beach (Pt 1) The Arrival...Before hitting the nude beach for the first time, married blonde hottie Jennifer looks a little nervous as Heather's husband dares her to act like a teasing slut on the beach. This is Jenn's first time so of course Heather is there to help show her how its done. Its all for her hubby who is in the military overseas and loves to see her flash. Wait till he see's her teasing on the nude beach! Heathers' hubby films all the action as they arrive and try on a couple of thongs to draw attention and sure as they get only half naked a random couple of voyeurs starts walking back and forth checking out Jenn and Heather's big tits and round asses! Hubby keeps his distance and hides the camera as he gets a voyeur POV while the ladies start things out by sitting in skimpy thongs and having a snack before the perverts descend upon them!

Exhibitionist Wife #167 (Part 2) - Jenn asked Heather to help her make a beach tease video for her husband. Heather teaches her how to show off a little at a time. First she gives her a couple of thongs to try on and they do while a couple of strangers walk over and park to get a good view. Heather's husband films his wife and Jenn getting in position to tease every cock they see. Jenn is shy at first but gets brave as Heather encourages her to be an exhibitionist wife by flashing her pussy from under her thong! They do this just as a guy walks by and another shows up and sits down to watch the two nude beach cock teasing wives!

Exhibitionist Wife #167 (Part 3) - Heather and Jenn talk about what they should do. Two guys are parked near their beach chairs and are watching them closely. Both of the voyeurs are wearing clothing at a nude beach so you know they are there just to look at some pussy! And its their lucky day as Heather's husband has his hidden cam recording all the action while Heather and Jenn start teasing the two strangers! They go to the shore and bend over making sure both guys have a really good view. Jenn even slides her thong to the side to expose her shaved slit and puckered buttonhole! Then they walk back to their chairs passing by one of the voyeurs and asking if he had sunblock just to give the guy a closer look. They sit in their chairs and take off their thongs at the same time showing off two well shaved married cunts to total strangers while hubby films!

Exhibitionist Wife #167 (Part 4) - First of all Heather and Jenn are the only women on the beach today so of course the voyeurs are going to notice them. One even gets brave and acts like hes talking on his cell when he is just trying to get a closer look because he is a nude beach pervert gawker and they tease him for it! Then, Hubby comes over to Heather and Jenn to hear what they are chatting about. They sit side by side talking about the voyeur who took out his cock and started stroking to the ladies. Hubby gets an over the shoulder shot of the wives spreading their legs with the voyeur clearly hard and stroking his dick while they talk about his cock which if this voyeur only knew that they were talking about his cock! Jenn spreads her pussy on the beach as the clothed voyeur checks out the married blonde slut! Heather is such a good friend helping Jenn make a beach voyeur video for her horny husband who likes to see his wife tease strangers in public! Heathers husband of course loves to see her naked in public as well and what better way than with the two wives sitting on a public nude beach with two total strangers gawking at their freshly shaved pussies! He must love to see her do this teasing and helping her slutty big tit friend do the some cock teasing on the beach too!

Exhibitionist Wife #167 (Part 5) - The slutty behavior continues! Heather's hubby had the balls to hide his cam at the nude beach and spy on all the voyeurs that were looking at his wife's and her friends shaved pussies! He actually shoots from the voyeurs point of view and the guy has no idea since he is to busy jerking off to Heather and Jenn as they tease! Now our wives are bending over in the voyeurs face while he continues to stroke his cock for them. They look at him and talk in his direction about the size of his cock and they give him a big tease! Jennifer our big tit blonde wife is here for the first time but Heather is teaching her how to get dicks hard on the beach! They fiddle with their pussies and spread their legs wide like proper beach teasing exhibitionist wives! They do everything they can to get this guy hard and smile and laugh the whole time because they know the have this pervert under their spell! We love slutty show off wives, dont you?

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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: H.264/AVC, 590x420, 30 fps, 1 313 Kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 256 Kbps
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КатегорияНетрадиционное порно
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