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Скачать торрент [POVHumiliation.com] Multiple Goddesses - MINDFUCK MONTAGE FROM THE QUEEN OF POV!!! (RUS SUBS) / Разные богини - Выносящий мозг монтаж от Королевы PVH! [2016 г., Brainwashing, Masturbation Addiction, Masturbation Ridicule, WEB-DL]

Multiple Goddesses - MINDFUCK MONTAGE FROM THE QUEEN OF POV!!! / Разные богини - Выносящий мозг монтаж от Королевы PVH!

Год производства: 2016 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Brainwashing, Masturbation Addiction, Masturbation Ridicule
Продолжительность: 00:06:03

Студия: POVHumiliation.com

В ролях: Multiple Goddesses; You

Описание: На днях один пользователь трекера (за что ему большое спасибо) сделал мне козырный подгон СВЕЖАЙШЕГО видео от POVHumiliation.com (оно появилось-то позавчера). Этот благородный дон попросил сделать субтитры для видео, чтобы ролик разошелся в массах, и я никак не мог ему отказать. Собственно, сам ролик представляет из себя нарезку из прошлых видео PVH и еще неизданных. Нарезка сделана таким образом, чтобы смотрящий мог ощущить всю ничтожность и рабство перед прекрасными женщинами, (не)смотрящими на него с той стороны экрана. Поскольку аудиосоставляющая здесь не менее важна, чем видео, то к монтажу прикрепляю самодельные русские субтитры, сделанные на высоком уровне. Смотрите, читайте, подчиняйтесь!

Оригинальное описание:
you know what one of MY favorite SPORTS is? Rejecting and HUMILIATING sexless losers! What can I say, it just comes NATURALLY to ME! Wimps have ALWAYS been drawn to ME, and all they get in return is a fastrack to MASTURBATION addiction!! I LOVE it! Turning losers into helpless, ADDICTED jerkoffs is the PERFECT solution for all you small dicks, sissies and wimps! SUCKERS!! I love showing an inferior cock that it doesn't deserve PUSSY! Nothing's funnier than rejecting some bozo loser, then LAUGHING while he crumples in HUMILIATION! Seeing that DAZED, PATHETIC look in your eyes as I mark you as another worthless LOSER! It's fun sending you on your downward spiral to ADDICTION. Mocking you, teasing you, turning you into a compulsive, dick-pulling ZOMBIE!! I'M an EXPERT at it, right SISSYFAG??!!! And on THAT note... I have an extra SPECIAL SURPRISE for you today, jackoff! I'm going to destroy you PERSONALLY!! That's right, you're actually going to get to hear MY VOICE!!!

Bet your drooling just THINKING about it, huh? Of COURSE you are! I KNOW how much you insects worship ME. I'd know it even without the hundreds of inane, moronic, obsequious loser emails I get each week. I see the effect I have on WEAK men in real life. I'M the QUEEN of HUMILIATION, the CORE of a loser's obsessive fantasies, the unquenchable thirst sending you deeper and DEEPER into the barren dessert where you BELONG!! There's no resisting MY POWER, little man. you're becoming MY little indoctrinated zombieboy. you should be PROUD, little man. Not EVERY man is so susceptible to becoming a braindead sissyboy. And just in case u have any resistance left in that cotton candy head of yours, this clip is SOOOOOO going to help you overcome your LITTLE problem!

This video actually started out as a Valentine's Day mini-teaser, but I had SO MUCH FUN doing it, well, it just expanded and expanded (like a REAL man, hmmmm) and NOW it's one of the most DESTRUCTIVE, MESMERIZING clips WE've made; an intoxicating, mind-ending MASHUP of material old and new, with ME and ALL the POV PRINCESSES gangbanging your brain! The combination will LIQUIFY you, permanently! you'll sit there in a TRANCE with your little dick in your hand, drooling at your screen, while you get MINDFUCKED like a helpless girly man. you'll keep WATCHING it OVER and OVER, till the only WORKING part of your brain understands - No sex for losers. No pussy for faggy boys. OUR laughter will echo in your retarded brain as you jerk blindly in the dark, stumbling like a broken down moron to your fate! Me and the GIRLS are going BRAINWASH you into being OUR zombie SLAVE! It's your DESTINY! LOOOOOSER!

Ready to be MY MINDFUCKED MASTURBATOR!?? Hmmmm??? Ready to LOSE everything to the QUEEN OF HUMILIATION??? Well step this way, bimbo brain!! All jerkyboys aboard the SISSY EXPRESS!! It's time to take you FAR away, WANKER, on a one way ticket to happy place where you can live with your little hand, just the two of you, FOREVER!!! LOL!!!

Note 1: This clip is a mind-numbing montage of previously released and yet-to-be released material.
Note 2: No you don't get a preview for this one, loser! This is 6 minutes of sissygasmic ferocity, and I want your unadulterated, VIRGINAL focus, so that it has its most DESTRUCTIVE impact!
Note 3: Good luck sucker. you're gonna need it... LOL!

Warning: there are strobe-like effects used in this clip. If you are prone to photosentive epilepsy you should NOT watch this clip, LOSER!!

Качество видео: WEB-DL
Формат видео: WMV
Видео: WMV3 , 640x480, 4002 kb/s 29.97 fps
Аудио: WMA2, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, 96 kb/s
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КатегорияНетрадиционное порно
Добавлен17-Май-2016 02:45 (1 год 10 месяцев назад)
Размер180 MB (188688491 Bytes)
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