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Скачать торрент [VoyeurChamp.com / clips4sale.com / VoyeurWeb.com] Exhibitionist Wife #291 / Жена-эксгибиционистка №291 [2015 г., Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Hidden Camera, SiteRip]

Exhibitionist Wife #291 / Жена-эксгибиционистка №291

Год производства: 2015 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Hidden Camera
Продолжительность: ~26 min.

Студия: VoyeurChamp.com/Clips4sale.com

В ролях: Nikki Brazil


Exhibitionist Wife #291 (Part 1) - Nikki Brazil SURROUNDED BY VOYEURS! Spreads Her oiled Ass & Shows Off Her Waxed Smooth Pussy!

She gets a bit more naughty...And now the voyeurs are showing up walking past one after the other and sitting down nearby as they notice this hot married latina Nikki Brooks oiling up her sexy round plump booty. She gets surrounded by strangers in every direction looking at her as she lays nude in the sun! Hubby sits back and films and there is even an old guy, one of many, sitting right next to them casually staring at her sweet oiled up waxed smooth pussy! It gets a little quiet as the sexual tension builds and a couple of other voyeurs park themselves nearby to watch and gaze and gawk at Exhibitionist Wife Nikki. When she sees how many guys are watching her she decided to rub her as slowly and seductively giving one old guy in particular a very up close and personal point of view! Her ass is as she oils it up and spreads her firm cheeks to the sure delight of any and all of the voyeurs that were looking her way. This is Nikki really getting into the tease of strangers, voyeurs, perverts and any men who were lucky enough to be out there that day. For some reason the old guys had the best view in the house since they did not give a fuck and basically sat in positions behind Nikki and stare at that tight ass being shown off on a public nude beach for all to see! Thank you Nikki and Hubby for sharing such a hot little video! Nikki just keeps getting naughtier and naughtier!

Exhibitionist Wife #291 (Part 2) - Nikki Brazil Nude Sunbathing While VOYEUR STROKES COCK In front of her!

This clip is not so much about Nikki bending over and laying out so that everyone can stare at her naked. This clip is more about the voyeurs that are surrounding her and how a couple of them decided to stroke their cocks making sure to show Nikki that she has their attention! One guy gets a hard cock and stands up facing Nikki so that she could look at his dick and how she got him horny! Nikki pretends to not notice and walks by them getting a bunch of lookers a full view of her nude body. She bends over a bunch of times too but acts like nothing is happening around her! Hubby just quietly filmed his wife getting every cock on the beach hard that day!

Exhibitionist Wife #291 (Part 3) - Nikki Brazil Nude Sunbathing OLD VOYEUR Sits BETWEEN HER LEGS At The Nude Beach! Others Jerk Off & Follow Nikki To Watch Her Shower!

Nikki has had a nice long day at the nude beach. When she and her hubby first got there nobody was around. As soon as Nikki got undressed a half dozen men mostly older surrounded her and stayed sitting near her gawking, some of them stroking their cocks trying to make sure Nikki would see them doing it to her! One old guy put his beach chair between her legs view and Nikki decided to bend over in his face and then lay on her back spreading her legs and teasing him up close and personal! The old guy casually touches his cock now hrough his shorts since he doesn't even get nude to be there at the nude beach looking at Nikki's naked ass as Nikki mind fucks him by laying out provocatively! Then another couple of guys sat around stroking their cocks until she heads to the shower to rinse off before going home. Of course the showers were empty till Nikki started rinsing off then all of sudden at least half a dozen strangers hovered around pretending to want to take a shower when in reality they were just trying to get one last look at this hot little Latina's nude ass!

Качество видео: SiteRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: H.264/AVC, 590x420, 30 fps, 1 313 Kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 256 Kbps
Exhibitionist Wife #291 (Part 2)
Exhibitionist Wife #291 (Part 3)
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КатегорияНетрадиционное порно
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