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Скачать торрент The Aspen Rae Experience / Aspen Rae Опыт (Girlfriend Films) [2015 г., Lesbian, Compilation, Solo & Masturbation, Vignette, DVDRip]

The Aspen Rae Experience / Aspen Rae Опыт

Год производства: 2015 г.
Страна: Соединенные Штаты
Жанр: Lesbian, Compilation, Solo & Masturbation, Vignette
Продолжительность: 04:57:53
Язык: Английский

Студия: Girlfriend Films

В ролях: Aspen Rae, Kennedy Leigh, Shyla Jennings, Kiera Winters, Georgia Jones, Vanessa Veracruz, Lena Nicole, Uma Jolie, Angela Sommers, Shae Snow,


Aspen & Vanessa Veracruz

Aspen collapses into a messy bed with a book wearing only a blue pair of panties. Vanessa is using a vibrator on herself in the next room and is distrubing her. She jumps into bed with Vanessa and shows her how she is supposed to use it. They engage in a sexy tongue dance and Aspen goes down on her. The girls have a similiar look to each other which is to say that they are both smoking hot! Vanessa eats out the star and the visuals are perfect. They passionately kiss and then play with the toy.

Aspen & Shyla Jennings

Aspen is reading a magazine when Shyla saunters over. They discuss the sleeping arrangements then start making out. I love it when hot women start kissing! They get undressed and Shyla kisses her neck. Aspen eats her out and really sucks on her clit. Shyla worships Aspen's body and lands down between her legs. Shyla rides her face and then they get into a 69. Hot fucking scene!

Aspen & Shae Snow from Hot Lesbian Love 5

Aspen, wearing a tight, lacy, red dress, is having car trouble when she picks up Shae for a ride. When they look underneath the hood, Shae grabs her ass. Aspen happens to have a blanked in her car and lays it on the dirt road to look under the car. It rides up and her pussy is exposed leaving Shae to make her move. Aspen climbs on the vehicle and gets eaten out from behind. They kiss and then Aspen eats out her new friend. They play with each other and go in for another round with each other.

Aspen & Georgia Jones from Lesbian Touch 3

Georgia is taking a bath then Aspen joins her for a heavy makeout session. Georgia stands above her and lets Aspen eat her out. Great lines in this sequence! Georgia then stands against the wall and Aspen furiously eats her out. The girls soap each other up and continue the bathtub theme. They look great with their bodies shimmering in the liquid. They do some tribbing and dive in one more time. Hot stuff!

Aspen, Georgia Jones & Uma Jolie from Hot Lesbian Love 6

Georgia and Uma are getting intimate in the bed. Damn, these girls have got it going on! Uma gets blindfolded and then Georgia comes into the room. The girls work each other over with some fantstic tongue action. They use a Hitachi on Uma and the girls don't give it a rest; they are very active and energetic. Very nice scene!

Aspen & Uma Jolie from Me and My Girlfriend 10

Aspen is taking pictures of Uma while she's dressed in her sexiest lingerie. She feels her up and spanks her ass and then sucks on her tits. Her full, voluptuous tits! They play for a bit and Aspen goes down on her. She rapidly lacks at her kitty then Uma gets her chance to play. The camerawork is good in this scene and we can really see the girls going at it. The girls have a makeout session and go in for another round. Aspen eats out Uma from behind and then she does some face riding.

Aspen & Lena Nicole from Me and My Girlfriend 3

Aspen and Lena have wet, sexy hair and are making out in the pool. Lena does some titty sucking and they do a tongue dance. Aspen sits on the edge and gets eaten out. Lena then swings a leg up on the edge and Aspen dives in from behind. They play with each other a little bit more and the water only enhances the experience.

Aspen & Lena Nicole from Girls Who Love Girls 1

The girls are lying in bed, caressing each other's bodies. Blonde Lena kisses down Aspen's body and licks her pussy through her panties. She pulls her underwear tightly into her slit and licks up and down. Lena then sits on her face and Aspen grabs her ass with both hands. They go for another round and the camera gets in close to see every tongue stroke. They get into a unique 69 and it's unique because they are both on their sides. Very nice!

Aspen & Angela Summers from Me and My Girlfriend 4

The girls are getting very intimate in the shower. Aspen stands above her and Angela eats her out from below. She uses her fingers to get her off. Aspen eats out her friend from behind and these big bootys look tremendous! Very good, wet scene!

Aspen & Kennedy Leigh from Me and My Girlfriend 5

Aspen is in lacy blue lingerie and Kennedy jumps into bed for a nice makeout session. Aspen is lying on her side and her ass is banging! Aspen does some titty worship and they continue to do some very hot open mouth kissing. Aspen rubs Kennedy's slit and looks up at her to make sure she's doing a good job. They get into a 69 and then Kennedy fingerbangs Aspen. They face each other and twirl their tongues together then Aspen rubs her slit with Kennedy holding a leg up in the air. Good stuff!

Aspen & Kiera Winters from I Kiss Girls 3

The girls are going at it in front of a full length mirror, Kiera in a pink bra and panties while Aspen is decked out in white. Their hands do some roaming and Kiera pushes Aspen down on the bed. She buries her face in Aspen’s muff and sucks on her clit. The girls reverse positions and Aspen uses her wide tongue to pleasure Kiera. The girls intertwine their legs and play with each other then go in for another round. The girls end the scene by gently making out with each other.

English is my native tongue so it was difficult for me to understand all of the rules. Please let me know if I did something wrong.
Английский мой родной язык, так что было трудно для меня, чтобы понять все правила. Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, если я сделал что-то неправильно.

Доп. информация: An all-girl title with over 5 hours, 19 scenes. 11 Girl-on-girl and 8 Solo scenes.

Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: MKV
Видео: 852x480 29fps
Аудио: AAC 44100 Hz Stereo
Залилpornolabs.org Super USER
КатегорияЗарубежные порнофильмы
Добавлен24-Сен-2016 21:38 (1 год 5 месяцев назад)
Размер4.37 GB (4697165794 Bytes)
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